Welcome to my blog!

I am passionate about seeing people thrive in life, despite life. I am a student, ultimately working towards a Masters of Art Therapy, with a focus in working with children from traumatic backgrounds.

The more I study psychology and specifically art therapy, the more my thoughts of the importance of people sharing stories is solidified. We are meant to live in community, and yet society/culture divide us – by race, by age, by faiths, by gender, by illness, by wealth, etc. The division creates a host of problems in relationships and in how society/culture progress and evolve.

My goal in this blog is to start the process of erasing the stigma that is associated with the unknown/unseen. Invisible illnesses (mental illness, or internal physical illness) are often kept hidden to avoid being labeled or teased. And many controversial issues, such as feminism, transgender, and racism, never come to a healthy conclusion. It is time we, as people, stop shaming others (which really effects a person’s mental health), and stop spewing hatred towards things/people we don’t understand/make us uncomfortable. We have to learn to adapt and learn about the things we don’t understand.

I want this blog to be a place where people are heard, and a place where people realize they are not alone in what they are dealing with. If you would like to share your story of how an invisible illness, or controversial topic, has effected your life, you can email me at insidetheunseen@gmail.com and I may post your story.

The topics of this blog is broad at this point, and may narrow a bit depending on posts.

I plan to also write about things I’ve learned in classes, things I’ve researched for class and otherwise, and reblog and/or post studies that I think are credible and helpful to understanding people, and for parents to understand the needs of their children better.

Feel free to also email me if you have any questions (I will try to find answers to them) or if there is something specific you would like to see on this blog.

Happy reading!
– Karen

(and disclaimer, the frequency of posting in this blog will depend on the ability to also keep up on my coursework. 🙂 )


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